Anatomy of a portrait photography session and what it means to me, the photographer. Every woman has some idea when they come in my studio of what they want out of a portrait session. What they don’t know is that we are going to dig a little deeper to make this experience even more about them, even greater than they imagined or knew it could go. My goal is to create beautiful images and art that represent them, their personalities. We want images that can be hung on the wall, put in an album, or a beautiful photo box that our representative of my client. I want her to say, “Dang that is me, confident, strong, bold and I look and feel amazing!”

Studio V Photography always creating art at our studio in Springdale, AR.
Beautiful boudoir portrait by Studio V Photography of NWA.
Movement a photo by Studio V Photography of NWA.

All of the images in this blog are a sampling of one photo session. This is the variety you can expect from me – we will go as bold and daring or as soft as you want to go. If you are like Izzy she wanted a variety of images that represented her. She is a little bit shy, feminine, awkward when you first meet her.  It is when you get to know her, she is bold, daring and artsy.

This is the anatomy of a great portrait session!

It has to move through a series of images that speak to the different sides of my client’s personality. A portrait session for me can not be trapped in a box of only portraiture or boudoir or fine art or whatever the hell else you want to label yourself. My client and I have to be free to create, therefore it is neither portraiture or fine art or dare I say it, boudoir, but a beautiful blend crossing over to beauty and fashion as well.

Beautiful boudoir photograph by Studio V Photography of NWA.
Photograph created in Studio V Photography's studio by Tracy V in Springdale, AR.

Feminine Portrait by Tracy V, owner and photographer of Studio V Photography in NWA.
Black and White feminine portrait created by Tracy V of Studio V Photography in NWA.

Photography during portrait session at Studio V Photography in Springdale, AR.

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Portrait of a client during a photo session with Studio V Photography in NWA

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  1. Kimberly Norris says:

    These are amazing! Such a beautiful shoot!

  2. geraldine says:

    A red lip makes me feel sexy 🙂

  3. Julee Chipps says:

    Such breathtaking shots! Everyone looks comfortable. So talented!

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