Confidence is King and often times my clients do not have a lot of confidence coming into the studio. That’s ok because my goal is to help my clients see their strengths, feel their worth, know their truth. Confidence has very little to do with outer beauty and everything to do with what is going on in your heart and mind. This girl found her inner strength and let it shine during this shoot. She felt amazing, she believed in her worth and it shows.

Regal, Confident, Smart


Soft, Alluring, Sweet


She couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. Her inner beauty dominated this session. She was so much fun…

Her Laughter Was Contagious!

Confidence is King and Tracy did not shy away from letting her true self shine through. She brought the confidence. She dominated this session. Her words when she saw her final images, “Aww, HELL YES!”

I can’t stop smiling thinking about this shoot. This is my Why! To hear the words “Omg, that’s me!” or “I love them all, I can’t possibly choose.” And that moment when I see the confidence levels rise in the room. To know that I helped someone find their inner strength, their self worth, their confidence makes my heart skip a beat. I love what I do and I truly have a soft spot for the women that have graced my studio and entrusted me to create something beautiful with them.

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