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You don't have to be a model to be treated like one. Welcome to Studio V Photography where you will receive the 5 star treatment with a magazine style shoot and images you will love for years to come. With our creative approach and passion for inspiring girls and women ages 8 to 80 to see the beauty that lies within them, we will work to create a photoshoot that is unique to you. (BTW we love men too). We can't wait to meet you.


I was 8 yrs old and heading to Hawaii on vacation with my entire family when I was smitten with the bug. My grandmother had given my brother, cousins and I each a camera for our trip. Mine was a white 110 film camera. It was the best thing since sliced bread. I took pictures of everything and spent my allowance getting roll after roll of film developed. I was terrible but I didn't care. I loved having a camera in my hands. 

Surprisingly when I entered college I did not initially pursue a degree in photography but rather psychology. Half way thru getting my degree I was smitten again but this time it was the whole process of photography from creation of images to development of film to printing. I was obsessed. I graduated with a bachelors in psychology, packed my bags and headed off to art school to pursue a masters in photography. 

While in art school I fell in love with fashion and people. I love photographing people. I used to think that psychology and photography were an odd choice of majors but the more I work with people the more I realize how they actually work hand in hand. It is the study of human behavior that has made my photography stronger. If I can empower my clients to see the beauty, strength and confidence that lies within them, I have created a work of art. It is my life long mission!

You are photogenic and I can prove it!

We are so in love with all of them and don't know how we'll ever decide which images to hang on the wall! Thank you!

the photos are so lovely

I had the best time during my photo session with the photographer! I love how much personality shows in my photos! 

such a fun experience

I am speechless! These are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for the photo session!

wonderful, beautiful

I was blown away. The images are stunning. They took my breath away. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!

stunning, breathtaking

We charge a $350 sitting fee to be paid at time of booking. This covers the session fee including hair/makeup. Sitting fee is non refundable.  Packages start at $1200, products can be sold individually as well and start at $250. 

Session Types
- Magazine style Portraits
- High School Senior Sessions
- Model Portfolios
- Branding Portraits
- Children's Couture


What To Expect 
We want to create a session that is unique to you. So we begin with a pre- consultation to get to know you, discuss ideas and make clothing suggestions (you can bring wardrobe with you and we can see what looks best). Then on the day of the shoot you will have your hair and makeup done, stylized from head to toe and so much fun. We then bring you back to the studio within a week or two to see your photos and packages you would like to purchase. If purchase is complete that evening you can take the images with you. If you choose a payment plan (yes we offer a payment plan) images will be delivered upon last payment of plan made. 

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