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Women Empowering Women -The Company Club

UPDATE: Sadly the Company Club lost their funding and had to close. I am hopeful that this venture or one like it will open again in this area.

My business is centered around empowering women. Why? Because women are intelligent, caring, creative, beautiful spirits – I mean whats not to love!  So why am I telling you all this?  I am telling you this because I have found a place I feel every woman in NWA should know about.

Have you every walked into a place and just felt like you belonged?  A place you feel that – “Ahhh home” feeling? That feeling that washes over you like fresh pjs and a warm blanket on a cold winter day. That is exactly how I felt as I walked into The Company Club.  The environment, the coziness, the welcoming spirit of Amy, Jade, and Allison is like coming home after a hard day out in the harsh world. The Company Club is the brain child of Jade Terminella and is a “women only” club. Located in Downtown Bentonville off the square, The Company Club is a place you can do business, play, read a book, attend events and so much more. 

“Creativity As A Career”

“Creativity As A Career” was one of three events I have attended at The Company Club. And let me tell you it was AMAZE BALLS! And it was Empowering! The event featured Dasha Faires, Product Developer with ManRepeller, Shaye Anderson, Director of Creative Content Strategy with BlkBox, and Hope Cavell, Buyer and Creative Director of Lola. As I sat and listened to these women speak I was inspired. Why? Because each one of them carved their own career paths. Not one of them is necessarily working in their field of study from college. This was not a “how to” lecture on success. No this was real women sharing their adventures, their mistakes, their fears, their path to discovering who they are and how they are creating a career that they love. 

And guess what?  They are still figuring it out. They are still finding themselves, but the key is they are doing it. Each one of these woman is open and willing to do the work.

I was also impressed that The Company Club was a tribe of women working together to bring Jade’s idea to life in the best way possible. Women across different ages and creative fields came together to make the Company Club come to fruition and be a success. The Company Club was bringing women together and empowering them before their doors were open. The project itself was the embodiment of the clubs mission and vision. Every woman on this panel was gracious, considerate and appreciative of the collaboration of every member on this project. A very refreshing moment in a time when we see more bashing and tearing down of women and people in general.

Oh and a special surprise – gifts from each of the women on the panel. A silk pillowcase from Hope, the woman behind @silkpillowcases on IG. Earrings from Dasha Faires and ManRepeller’s newest collection. And the book “Leading Women” from Shaye Anderson and BlkBox.

Needless to say, it was empowering!

I determined to continue to carve my own path.  Forge ahead against all obstacles. Fight for my success and my voice. Continue to seek out other women I can collaborate and encourage. I can truly say that any interaction I have had with the women of The Company Club has inspired me to be a stronger, focused and productive woman. And for me that is worth giving a shout out. Thank you, Jade, Amy, Allison and all the women involved in The Company Club. Women need a space they can feel empowered, learn, discuss real issues, such as, money, kids, careers, health, etc. A place they can feel free to hang out and read, get a massage (yes get a massage – they have that there), drink wine, do yoga, or just get some work done. It really is an amazing place.


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